Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello There!

Sweet Musings will be a source of all things that inspire. A journal of all the things that convince me that I should follow my love of art and design as well as push me toward becoming a better artist and designer. It will be a site to explore new ideas, thoughts, mediums, and I hope they can inspire you the way they inspire me.  

I graduated college a few years ago feeling very burnt out and not sure what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I majored in illustration, but also loved web design and graphic design. I found a job in marketing, which for the most part I do enjoy, but does not enable me to work on illustration or design as much as I would like. The long hours at work, my family, friends, dog, and planning a wedding, left me with very little time to work on my own projects.

Now that my wedding is over and planning is done, and I’m beginning to find a better balance between my work and home life, I find that creative ideas keep coming to me and it’s a wonderful feeling after a break that lasted way to long. 

Illustration by Michelle B. 
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  1. Very excited to follow your blog...I hope it inspires you and all your fellow bloggers!!

  2. What a great idea! I love the photos of Paris and your whimsical drawings. Thanks!!!

  3. Love it Michelle, your drawings have such a wonderful sense of whimsy! Love the block color mixed with delicate line. Mmmm!

  4. Thanks Everyone, hopefully much more of the same to come :-)

  5. Michelle I Love the girl and the dog. I think I am your bigest fan.

  6. I know you are mama, and I appreciate it more than I can say! xo