Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Picture A Day

Have you read the blog Michaela Noelle Designs? If you haven't you definitely need to check it out. The lovely Michaela is an interior designer and is absolutely incredible. Her blog is filled with stunning designs, amazing imagery, and of course fabulous style.

Number four of the Blogger Inspired series features the above illustration based on Michaela's post High Low Dress. I loved the color of this dress and the airy nature of it. It's a perfect summer look.

Also as a perk, Michaela is offering a giveaway of one of my prints from my shop! You can choose one of the following; Bicycle Built for Two, Little Black Dress, or Trip to Laduree. To enter head over to her blog!

Thank you Michaela for collaborating with me and allowing me to illustrate you! I hope you love the print!


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