Monday, August 26, 2013

Diary of a Freelancer

Last week was tough. My grandmom passed away last Sunday night, and while I know she is in a better place now, it doesn't make it any easier to accept. I spent the majority of the week out of the office. I did very little work, and thankfully, I couldn't have had nicer clients to understand that I needed some time to just be with my family.

My family and I are incredibly close and I feel so lucky for that. It's not even just my immediate family but my Aunt's and Uncle's and Cousins too. They are all wonderful people and while last week was awful, it was great to be around them to reminisce and distract each other.

The above image my family asked me to put together to create thank you cards to send out. While creating it I got to remember my grandmom, focus on the things she loved, and create something that I hope she would have been proud of. And with that, I'm back onto more work, a normal schedule, and to make sure that I always put family first.


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