Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Picture A Day

I recently worked with the chic Sloane of the blog Sailing the Sea of Style. She has fabulous style with so much nautical inspiration I can't get enough! We created this fashion illustration based on her post Summer Leather and I just love this look edgy and classy, I'd like every piece please!  

I also wanted to get to know Sloane a little more and share some fun details with you about her. This is what Sloane had to say:
  • Beauty Secret: Mascara and bronzer always make you look more awake and more put-together! They are my go-tos every morning.
  • My favorite stores are Intermix, Joie, and Madewell. As for online, Asos and Shopbop are the best.
  • 3 Words: Classic, Edgy, Feminine 
  • Favorite Season: Fall and Winter- hands down. 
  • Favorite clothing item to wear: This is a tough one. I like to mix up but the causal combo of a sweater,jeans,and loafers or sneaks is the best.
  • Favorite pattern: I love a graphic print. Tibi's are always on point. And plaid is always a favorite.

Check out and follow Sailing the Sea of Style for more great fashion looks from Sloane!


  1. This illustration is a beauty! You captured the look so perfectly. LOVE your work!! xx

  2. What a fun series, love love your work!

    1. Thank you Emily! It's been awesome getting to work with and illustrate so many awesome bloggers.