Thursday, November 7, 2013

Diary of a Freelancer

This is by far the craziest time of year for me. On top of my usual work load I also have holiday orders such as holiday cards and custom prints for gifts, and then I will be at the Collingswood Farmer's Market every Saturday in November (if you are near there, in NJ or PA, stop by, I'd love to see you).

Since my inventory was a little low this year I've spent the last week having things printed that I need for the market, creating new 2014 calendars (should be in my shop soon!), and trying, desperately, to come up with some fun new holiday card designs.

The trouble with the new holiday card designs is that I'm not ready for Christmas yet. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I like to celebrate it before I get into the Christmas spirit... BUT I can't do that! I need to focus and think of creative and unique and gorgeous ideas for the holidays (no pressure on myself there lol).

Most designers go through this. They have to design things for seasons that are so far ahead but sometimes it truly is the hardest part. So above are the few designs and sketches I've been working on. Only one that I loved enough to add to my etsy shop so far... but one is progress right?

So hear is to the best and the craziest time of year. I love it! And here's hoping that inspiration strikes!!

Happy Thursday Sweets!

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