Thursday, June 2, 2011

Currently Reading: French Women Don't Get Fat
I'm currently reading French Women Don't Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano. It's a witty and honest guide to being healthy, and skinny, without giving up the foods you love.

In Paris you can't help but notice the people, so thin and beautiful, and somehow they are able to eat foods that are so rich and heavy. It just doesn't make sense, these are things we typically deprive ourselves of just to stay thin. This book describes how they do it, and how it can be applied to any lifestyle. And seriously, how can I not love a way of life that doesn't make me give up the foods I crave, especially  chocolate, and keeps my waist nice and small!

I have read other healthy living books, and my problem with some of them is that they can be a little to extreme. Prior to my wedding I read the book Look Better Naked. The book outlines a six week plan including a very strict diet, workout routine, and lifestyle change. Once the six weeks are over you are left with the right idea on how to eat healthy, exercise, have great skin and hair, and overall just feel great in your own skin, but the problem with this for me was, when do I have six weeks to fully focus on what I'm eating and doing. Just a Sunday Night dinner with the Italian side of my family (mmm lasagna, chicken parm, capellini...) is not allowed on the six week plan. I also couldn't figure out how to go out to dinner with friends and stick to the meals outlined for the day. I know you are probably thinking six weeks isn't that long, but I just didn't want to give up fun meal times with friends and family for that diet. That's why I'm really liking French Women Don't Get Fat, I don't have to go to extremes.

Another book, similar to French Women Don't Get Fat, is Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat. It has great reviews and seems like a similar view of food and living as French Women Don't Get Fat. I may have to read this one soon as well!

Has anyone read these?

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