Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Currently Reading: South of Superior


South of Superior, by Ellen Airgood, is about Madeline, a woman whose mother left her when she was a baby and her grandparents refused to take her in. Madeline is left in the care of Emmy. Emmy is the closest thing to a mother that Madeline has, and when she struggles for years with cancer and eventually dies Madeline feels lost with no ties to her past and no real feelings about the future.

Shortly after Emmy's death, Madeline receives a letter from relatives asking Madeline for help. These are two women whom she has never met, and she partially blames for abandoning her as a child, but she still packs up and moves to this town leaving behind her fiance, job, and long time home in Chicago.

The inhabitants of the town have next to nothing and get by helping to support each other in any way they can. They live in ways that Madeline has trouble comprehending at first, but as the story progresses she begins to fall in love with the place, learn more about her past, and understand and care about each of the characters who are now her neighbors and friends.

It's been a great read so far. One that sucked me from the beginning. It's a little sad but there is hope and love in each of the characters that reflects off of the pages and makes the book quickly appealing


  1. This sounds great - can I get in line to borrow it when you are finished?
    PS - love the shoes Zach bought you - he has great taste!

  2. You can def borrow it once I'm done! I'm a little more than halfway through so hopefully next week sometime!