Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Currently Reading: L.A. Candy

I know what you are thinking... are you seriously reading this? But I just needed a light book to read after the last two, much heavier, books. And despite my feeling like a tween reading this book, I seriously hide the cover while reading it on the train so no one knows, it is easy, girlie, and a chic flick of a book that has definitely brightened my mood.

L.A. Candy, by Lauren Conrad, is based loosely on her experiences on The Hills. I never actually watched this show so I'm not sure how much is taken right from the show and how much is absolute fiction, but the book is about two best friends who recently graduated high school and have moved to Los Angeles. One for school the other for an internship at an event planning company that specializes in celebrity weddings. They are young and beautiful and seem to have the perfect California Girl lives. They are approached by a producer to star in their own reality TV show that changes their lives, brings overnight fame, and an incredible amount of drama to their lives.

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  1. I read them! They suck you in and are a quick read! Enjoy it :)

    And my verification word: calidi