Thursday, August 25, 2011

Currently Reading: Nice Girls Finish First

Nice Girl's Finish First by Alesia Holliday is a really fast light read. I'm absolutely loving the story. It is completely mindless and your typical chick lit story about a girl, who feels awkward in her own skin, in love with the gorgeous guy, get's herself in an awkward and embarrassing situation, and will most likely end up with the guy at the end because he loves her for all of her clumsy and weird personality traits. But again, I'm absolutely loving it. I literally laugh out loud while reading it. The main characters, and narrators, are so sarcastic and funny, you feel like it's your close girlfriend telling you a story and making fun of herself for all her disasters at the same time. If you like chick lit this is a must read.

Kirby, a Senior Vice President of Marketing for an erotica company is not considered "nice" she is considered a career woman who does not mix her personal life with her work life. She fires her entire staff (who were slackers anyway) in one day and her boss, Banning, is furious. They make a bet that if she can get someone, anyone, to call her nice in a the next 30 days she can keep her job. Throughout the month the two grow closer, but you don't mix business and pleasure, so what will they do, and will Kirby keep her job?

Brianna is an aspiring opera singer with an amazing opportunity to addition for the Seattle Opera Company, but she is engaged to a man who thinks it's still 1950 and expects her to give up her dreams to be a stay-at-home wife and have babies asap. Her and Kirby work together to find a balance in their lives of nice vs. strong willed, and the antics that follow are hilarious.

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