Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Friday

On this Friday in September I'm in full fall mode. I have on a brown tweed blazer, white and grey micro striped long sleeve tee, flared jeans, and butterscotch colored platform penny loafers... love this time of year. But with all that in mind I'm featuring my personal fall must-haves.

Top ten things I "need" right now: 1. Loafers, 2. Red bag, 3. Tied blouse, 4.Pleated skirt, 5.Polka dots, 6.Cable knit sweater, 7. A cape (although I'm not sure I can pull it off), 8. About a million striped tees and sweaters, 9. A floppy hat, 10. Leopard print accessories....

From Right to left, top to bottom: 1. Polka Dots - Liv Tyler, 2. Floppy Hat - seventies style net-a-porter magazine, 3. stripes net-a-porter magazine, 4, loafers, 5. red bag -, 6. tied blouse from, 7. cable knit sweater -, 8. Stripes -, 9. Cape -, 10. Pleated Skirt - Tucker, 11. Leopard belt -, 12. Cable knit turtleneck -, 13. leopard print flats -

 What are you purchasing / wearing this fall?

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