Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Picture A Day

It's Tuesday and another week seems to be flying by with way to much to accomplish, but isn't that the story of everyone's life really...

I've been moving forward, fairly slowly, on the holiday card designs. Other more important things just keep getting in the way and I know that time of year is going to sneak up on me faster then I realize. I used the train ride home last night to do some hand sketching and get some ideas onto paper and start getting my thinking onto the holiday season. Here are a few for your Tuesday morning enjoyment. More to come and more completed images will soon appear later this week and in the coming month.

Happy Tuesday Sweets.

All images copyright Michelle B. All rights reserved.


  1. cute sketches! here and on your etsy shop!


  2. Thank you so much Lindsay, that means so much to me! And nice to meet you :-)