Friday, October 28, 2011

A Picture A Day

It's Friday Sweets, and I can't help but feeling like it's going to be a great day and weekend (despite the freakishly cold weather for October and possible snow.) This week, like all the others recently, has flown by in a blur of fun projects, super sweet people, and lots of illustrations.

For today's "A Picture A Day" I'm featuring the playful Ginger. Last week the incredibly Sweet and oh so encouraging Holly contacted me. She saw Amanda's bag on Salvaged Strawberry and wanted one of her own. She sent me photos of her adorable pup Ginger and I couldn't wait to create an illustration for her. Below is the illustration that will be featured on Holly's new tote! I'll show you the printed version next week.

Thank you Holly for being so wonderful and for all of your support! I hope you enjoy the bag!

xo and Happy Friday Sweets!

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