Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Picture A Day: Today I am thankful for

Happy Tuesday Sweets!

It's two days away from Thanksgiving, and it's my cousin Kelli's birthday (of Klicious Cupcakes), so a very special happy birthday to her!

For today's I am Thankful For, I am thankful for Paris. I know what you are thinking... huh?! Paris??? But my husband and I went to Paris for our honeymoon last March and I credit a big part of my creativity, happiness, and inspiration to that trip.

I had been taking a break from art for the last four years and I've thought about starting again numerous times prior to our trip and something always just "got in the way" and so when I came back filled with the beautiful images of Paris, my inspiration went into overdrive, and thus, Sweet Musings and Coco + Louie appeared. Eight months later I continue to be incredibly happy and inspired. I love the direction life is taking me in. And so, to simplify all of that, I am thankful for Paris :-)

What are you thankful for today?

Illustration copyright Michelle B. all rights reserved.

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  1. So glad you went to Paris and decided to come back to art!! :) Btw, I haven't received the mail yet! :/ I hope it isn't lost!