Friday, December 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: Etsy Love

Happy Friday everyone!

Are you as happy it's finally the weekend as I am!? Do you have any fun plans for the next few days off?

I have to finish up one final proposal and then I'm off to Boston to spend some relaxing time with my family and the end of the day is just not coming fast enough.

But at any rate, I have missed my topic completely! ETSY! I love etsy. I never really bought anything from there until I opened my stop. The idea of purchasing something that I couldn't see in person made me nervous. But I have to tell you, the sellers on Etsy are incredible and the items I have purchased from various shops have been above and beyond anything I could find in a store. From the photography to the craftsmanship to the packaging, it's a site full of insanely talented artists. In addition to stationery, original works of art, and all things handmade and vintage, there are a ton of sellers of clothing. I was even more hesitant at first to buy clothes on the site, but I did, I bought a shirt and dress from the Fleet Collection that is absolutely beautiful, and I will definitely be shopping there again.

Below are some of my favorite picks from Etsy's incredible fashion selection from an assortment of sellers.

What do you think?

backless dress, black dress, sequin sweater, red jacket, red dress, ballerina dress

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  1. Wow this is a gorgeous clothes selection!The first one in particular is awesome!