Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Picture A Day

For today's A Picture A Day I thought it might be cool to show you my process from start to finish. My goal is always to create a final product that is even better then the vision my clients saw in their head and exceeds each and every expectation.

Below I used the examples from the blog illustration that I first showed you here. I still can't tell you who it is for, I'm waiting until it is unveiled on their site, but for now, here is a sneak peak.

I started with phase I, the sketch phase, and hand drew very quick gestural images. Each sketch probably took five to ten minutes and is literally just to get my thoughts on layout and figure out on paper. I select my favorites from the group I sketch and send them to my clients for review.
Based on the discussions I will create a more refined illustration, usually one, but sometimes, like the case below, if we are working through an idea I'll create a few.  I also like to include the color palette that I think will work best for approval before I move on to the final.I consider this Phase II.
We will discuss thoughts on the refined illustrations, talk about the palette, and then the final illustration, phase III, will be created.

The total time to create a finished piece takes about two to three weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak of the upcoming illustration as well as learning more about my process.

Have a happy Thursday Sweets!


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  1. I love all you new work! I have been checking all week.