Monday, January 30, 2012

A Picture A Day

Good morning Sweets and Happy Monday!

I'm sorry for the delay in posting. But this is how my morning started:
In work at 6am. Prepping and assembling at bid to go out by 8 am. Then I had a marketing meeting and status update at 9am so I sped from the bid to meeting prep then into the actual meeting. And I'm just finding time to breath!

So at any rate, to get my mind off of my whirlwind morning and onto fun art for each of you to see, I have an exciting reveal for you today! (These are probably some of my favorite posts when I get to share the final product and another successful project!)

Do you remember this sketch for a blog header? Well I can finally tell you who it was for and show you it live! The wonderful Maryanne contacted me for a custom illustration. She was looking for a fashion illustration, that looked like her, with the skyline of Melbourne in the background. This was going to become the header for her blog Domestic Divinity. This was such a fun project and it was so nice to meet, get to know, and create an illustration and design for Maryanne.

Below is the new header and you can take a look at Maryanne's wonderful blog, Domestic Divinity, and see it live.

Copyright Michelle B. All Rights Reserved.

A special Thank you to Maryanne for this fabulous project. I hope you, and all of your readers, love it!

Have a wonderful Monday Sweets, and here's hoping for a calmer one then how it started with lots of smiles and a little relaxation!


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