Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Currently Reading Cleopatra's Daughter

As I said earlier today, I'm feeling so far behind. And I'm reading faster then I'm posting, so the currently reading title is a bit of a stretch. Today it should probably say Recently Finished. 

A few weeks ago I read the book Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran. The book was incredible. The mix of history and the way she tells the story were just perfect. I loved her writing style and literally was not able to put the book down. So I wanted to read more books by Michelle Moran.

I picked up Cleopatra's Daughter. An incredible story about the conquering of Alexandria, the fall of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, and what happens to their children. I've read very few books about the Egyptian and Roman empires and even fewer that I have been set in time period B.C. and I found it fascinating. This may now be my new favorite book, or at least in the top 15, I have a lot of favorite books lol... Michelle Moran is so descriptive, not only in the characters, but she almost makes the fashion, and architecture, and place, a character too. You are transported to Rome during the time of emperor Octavian. It was one of those books that when it ends you are a little sad because you just want to keep reading about each of the characters.

If you like books about history I would highly recommend this book and any other by Michelle Moran.

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