Monday, February 6, 2012

A Picture A Day

... or in this case some dessert for the day!

Good Morning Sweets and how was everyone's weekend?!

Mine was fun, I was lazy all day Saturday and the most "work" I did was sketching for a few freelance projects and then I made a TON of doughnuts for a Superbowl party we were hosting Sunday night. I'll have to show you the sketches later this week because today I'm featuring doughnuts for your viewing pleasure!

These doughnuts were made with the babycakes recipe from their cookbook and then I used their doughnut maker which is basically like an awesome waffle maker.

I started with lots and lots of ingredients...

I made the plain cake doughnuts and the chocolate cake doughnuts. I added a red vanilla glaze (for the Patriots), a cinnamon and sugar coating (my personal favorite), a milk chocolate icing, and a chocolate and peanut butter sprinkle coating and mixed up the toppings on each of the doughnuts.
And since it was the first time making them, my husband and I had to try them out!

Mmmmm! Has anyone else tried to make doughnuts or have a doughnut obsession like me?!

These were so much fun to make and I will definitely be using both of the recipes again!

Have a wonderful Monday Sweets!

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