Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday

O my goodness Sweets, it has been one crazy week. You know those weeks where you almost feel like you are running around in a circle and getting nothing accomplished!? Well that's the week I've been having. Between my full-time job, my freelance projects, getting ready for my first anniversary, Dr.'s appointments, girl's nights, and all sorts of other events and tasks... the week just disappeared.

Which brings me to my Fashion Friday post. Weeks like this there is just no time to think about fashion. So I go with my tried and true favorite pieces. The tee-shirt, blazer, scarf, ballet flats, bracelets and my watch. Or a cute dress, black tights, black boots (or flats and no tights depending on the season) a cute bun, and a long necklace... I always feel put-together and comfortable in these pairings and when I only have three seconds to get ready in the morning they are my go to looks.

Gingham dress, fedora with cardigan and dress, chevron dress with red flats, blazer and magenta pants, bun and turquoise dress, Parisian chic look

What are your "go-to" pieces. You know, the ones you grab quickly when you are in a hurry but still want to look great? The pieces that are timeless and seasonless and you love day in and day out and sometimes people might think they are the only clothes you own... And on weeks like this you are so grateful and happy to go with your old favorites.

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