Monday, April 23, 2012

Diary of a Freelancer: Part Four

It's been three full weeks. Three full weeks of being an illustrator as my full-time job. Three weeks of joy ... But it's also been three weeks that I'm still playing "catch-up" I still feel behind on all of my projects and with major deadlines looming I feel like I'm sprinting through a marathon... BUT I'm also determined to finish successfully. This is what I've been waiting for, craving, for the last five years!!  And I'm not going to waste a single second.

I've been working so hard the last three weeks... I just keep working, hoping I'll get a better balance once I'm caught up. And everyday I look around my studio and think... I'll finish setting it up tomorrow... and then tomorrow comes and I think, well not today... but soon...

This is what my studio looks like at the moment. I look like I've just moved in and not like it's been sitting her waiting for me... I will get it together and get it perfectly organized and well laid out and designed... soon... but for now, I'm just so happy to have a space to call mine... a space that I work in... and am so happy and feel so blessed to call my office...

Updated, well designed, pictures that I can proudly call my artist studio will come soon. You can hold me accountable to that :-)