Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Picture A Day

Good afternoon lovelies,

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Was it spent doing wonderful summery activities or just hanging at home and catching up on your "to-do" lists?

Mine was a little of both... I spent Saturday in wonderful Milford at the bridal shower for a dear friend of mine. It was such a lovely afternoon and once the shower was over we hung out at their beach house and enjoyed the rest of a very beautiful day. Ahh, I love it there!

Sunday and Monday were spent at  home. Catching up on work, cleaning up my studio (FINALLY!) (o and I took photos but I lost my camera cord... I know, seriously... and so you have to wait a little longer to see them... I have a feeling a trip to Best Buy is in my near future.) We also saw friends we don't see nearly enough. It was wonderful and I'm a little sad to see the weekend go but I know many more fun weekends are in store this summer.

As for today, it has been flying, I even said "Hi Day, would you mind slowing down a little... I have to much to do and not enough hours and I'm still on long-weekend mode...so will you, please..." It hasn't listened to me though... and somehow I'm more then halfway through the day and just posting my "A Picture A Day!!"

Below is a sneak peak at a book cover design I have been working on ... the finished product looks so much different and I absolutely love it but I'd like to wait to show you once I have the finished printed piece :-)

Happy  Tuesday after Memorial Day! Xo

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