Friday, June 29, 2012

A Picture A Day

I thought it might be interesting to take yesterday's idea of the sketch phase... showing you all of the ideas and then show you the next steps through completion. I used my new fashion illustration in the header to show the progression.

Once I find a position or sketch I like I start to work and and refine it. Sometimes it's quick. There might only be three versions before I'm happy with the outcome and sometimes, it takes a few more tries for me to feel something is just right.

I worked on this one. Starting from the first black and white illustration through the final that you see in my header. constantly refining and making tweaks. I wanted something glamorous but that also represented me. I wanted her to look very fashionable not just in her everyday casual wear.. What do you think? Did I make the right choices?


  1. Oh my goodness I love this! Thank you for posting your process, it's really interesting and you are very talented!

  2. Thanks Mary, that means so much to me!