Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Long Weekend Packing List Help

Between He and She Perfect PackingSpring Break Packing Guide, and Two Twenty One Packing List

I'd love to know; are you a good packer, a bad one, are you like me and basically bring your entire closet, shower, and makeup collection?

In honor of the Memorial Day weekend ahead, and the fact that I'm the worlds worst packer and am headed to Denver for a wedding, I wanted to do a post on packing advice and resources. When I first started doing research I had 15+ web pages open, I was looking for apps that worked, and I was reading tons of advice. Below are my favorite resources:

  • Shabby Apple has a 12 piece packing list including 6 tops, 4 bottoms, and 2 dresses. I'm not sure how much it applies to my three day trip but it's still more helpful then my "pack the entire closet" plan. Shabby Apples' List
  • Sunglass Warehouse Blog breaks their packing list down by type of event. I really liked this version as well. It covers any event you might have on a trip minus a formal occasion. That being said, their list is geared toward spring break so you probably wouldn't have a formal event then. Spring Break Packing Guide
  • Through a Pinterest search I stumbled upon the blog Wendy's Lookbook and found her post Up in the Air to be fabulous. She discusses how she packes what seems to be an incredible amount of things into her suitcase (including shoe boxes!) and gives ways to pack clothing to prevent wrinkling. My favorite advice was to pack delicate items in between two sheets of tissue paper and then roll it up like sushi.  Wendy's Lookbook: Up in the Air packing list/Advice
  • Two Twenty One has a downloadable checklist that was created for a blog conference but can be easily updated for any type of trip and includes things I always forget such as phone and ipad chargers. The checklist is at the bottom of the post.  Two Twenty One Packing List

What do you think? Do you have a perfect packing method you could share? Also I kept looking for packing aps but couldn't find one I liked. Any suggestions for a great packing ap?


  1. i am the best packer. i always overpack but still end up being the person with the smallest bag. i can fit two weeks of clothing, 4 pairs of shoes and all my bath stuff in a small carry-on. i always take a carry-on, i'm terrified of losing my luggage.

    1. I'm so jealous! I need to learn to do that :-) Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!