Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sweet Musings Book Club

Have you read The Devil Wears Prada? Or seen the movie? Did you like it?

I read it years ago and loved it so when the sequel, Revenge Wears Prada came out you know I had to read it too. And can I just tell you, it was so good. It's a fast easy read, but what I like most about this book, as well as others by Lauren Weisberger, is that they aren't the typical chick lit. Most chick lit books I've read have a main character, a girl, who is constantly embarrassing herself and awkward but you still love her and she runs into some silly dilemma only to live happily every after at the end. Well in all of the books I've read by Lauren Weisberger the main characters deal with issues that aren't black and white. They are much more complex with no definite right or wrong. You know the decisions and outcomes are going to be tough and maybe a little hard to accept. She also always writes a fairly strong, level headed girl, that can make the hard decisions that she throws at them, and I love that.

Revenge Wears Prada starts with Andy ten years after the Devil Wears Prada ends. She is a very successful woman and is business partners with Emily, who she worked with in the first book. Together they are running an incredibly high-end and successful wedding magazine. Andy is also newly married and is expecting her first child. Life is going pretty great until Andy and Emily get a call from Elias-Clark's lawyer, the company that owns Runway and is run by the devil herself, Miranda Preisley. Andy must make the decision between siding with her husband and best friend and accepting the offer even though it means going back to work for Miranda or standing her ground keeping her sanity.

This was a fabulous book, another great one by Lauren Weisberger. Can't wait for the next.

Has anyone else read this? Did you love it as much as me?


  1. LOVED that book. i read it in a day! any recommendations for other books?

    1. Hi there Michelle! I have plenty of recommendations LOL, I seriously love to read!

      Some of my favorites include: The Paris Wife (I literally couldn't put this book down), The Night Circus, The Dressmaker (It's about a designer during the time of the Titanic and how it changed their lives), Paris in Love (I know, another Paris themed book, but I can't get enough of those!), and Madame Tussaud (The wax maker who got her start during the time of King Louis and Maria Antoinette and it's an incredible story that deals with art and history) ... I hope this wasn't to many or a crazy list! I also just finished reading Where'd You go Bernadette, I'll blog about it this week, but that book was great as well. It has very serious moments but also parts that literally had me laugh out loud.

      If you have read anything you've loved lately, or in general, I'd love to hear your recommendations as well!


  2. Michelle so glad you loved this book as it is literally sitting in on my iPad ready to be read! :)

    1. Awesome, You'll have to let me know what you think! xo