Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet Musings Book Club

I recently finished the books from The Mortal Instruments series. They were a fun read. If Twilight and Harry Potter had a baby, this series would be it. It has magic and the supernatural, and a really strange love story that you can't stop reading... Yep, I pretended like I was 16 and read all five of these books in like three weeks.

The story starts with Clary and her best friend, Simon, at a club in New York where Clary sees three people and a demon fighting. These three; Jace, Isabelle, and Alex, can't figure out how she can see them, a normal human shouldn't be able to see them, they are Shadow Hunters. And slowly the story unravels to reveal that Clary is actually one of them too, but she has been in hiding, with her mother, since she was born. They were hiding because an evil Ex Shadow Hunter, who also happens to be the father Clary didn't know she had, is after them, and he wants to end the world for all of the current Shadow Hunters.

The books fly by each ending at a point where you need to read the next, right this minute, because you need to know how it all ends. Will Clary and Jace really get to be together in the end as well as save the world!? So book five left you hanging a little. All were alive but there still isn't a final conclusion... No, for that I have to wait until the final book comes out in May. Six long months away. And you know what the sneak peak to the sixth book says? It reads, on the Barnes and Noble website, "Who will survive?" wtf?! So now I have to not only wait six more months but they are making me think that one, or possibly more, of my favorite characters might not make it. But you know, I'm going to read it anyway!

Has anyone else read this series? Are you planning on seeing the movie? Am I the only tween at heart here or are you too?!

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