Monday, March 16, 2015

Moving My Blog

It's with mixed feelings today that I'm sharing that my blog is moving over to The sad part is that this is going to be my last post on Sweet Musings. The exciting part is that I have so much more to share with you in my new location and a few exciting announcements coming up so it will feel very much the same!

This has been a really hard decision to make and I kept going back and fourth if this was the right move for me and my company/brand. I started Sweet Musings as a way to maintain inspiration and work on my own art while working for someone else. It also is partially responsible for pushing me to start my company, open my etsy shop, and put my work out there. And for those things I am so grateful. But over the last few years, as my company has evolved and grew, I realized that Sweet Musings changed and I don't think it fits quite right for my business anymore.

Ultimately my goal is to make my work easier to find. I want to get away from my blog having it's own title and make it work a little better with my existing brand. With these changes I'm hoping to reach an even broader audience, and, of course, to continue to share my work and inspiration with you. I would absolutely LOVE and even more importantly appreciate it if you could follow me over at .

For now though I want to thank you for following me here and I hope to see you soon at my new location.

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