Thursday, April 21, 2011

Val Gets Fit, Blog Praise

A friend of mine, Val, has created a blog Val Gets Fit. This blog will be, an inspiration for everyone. She is bright spirited and has a million wonderful insights to share.

She describes her blog as:
"... more or less of me, a full account of my successes and failures as I journey to make changes in my life.  Val Gets Fit is just not about becoming physically fit, which is a main goal, but also its about me really digging deep to find what the next path in my journey will be, and what I need to do to get there.  One of my favorite passages tells us…'not to compare ourselves to others for always there will be a greater or lesser person than ourselves.'  Well we all know how hard that is, because we look around and wonder why does another persons life “look” so much better than our own, forgetting that what we see is only the surface and we really don’t know the story behind the picture we see."

I'm so excited to follow her journey, and I think no matter your shape or size you will be inspired by her. 

Check out Val's blog Here!

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