Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Picture A Day: Day 2

Hello there sweets! Something happy for me; My friend Val, previously mentioned here, and I are working on a line of silly illustrations with adorable text. Talk of greeting cards, notecards, calendars, and much more is in the works. I will be creating the imagery and Val is going to create the text. The illustrations to start will focus on the same girl and puppy previously seen here. They will be going through many Parisian adventures together, and many more illustrations will follow, I am sure.

For now, enjoy this one!

After a hard day there’s nothing like curling up in your favorite chair and taking a nap!  
So how was your day?!

Illustration by Michelle B, text By Val C.
Please do not copy or use without linking back to Sweet Musings.


  1. I would have brought that card when you were in college. I love it. Can you maybe add some that you can send to guys.

  2. Great idea! I'll start sketching and get something together soon!

  3. LOVE this idea!!!

    Give them cupcakes and they can be my tasting invites!!!

  4. Haha done! That can be my Picture a Day #5!!

  5. love this..I see, perhaps, a children's book in your future???