Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Picture A Day

I've been working with my lovely mother-in-law on a reusable shopping bag design for her cafe in Weston, MA, Off Center Cafe. While the sketches are still in process I have been having a lot of fun creating a bag that fits the personality of the cafe with the playfulness of my illustrations.

Off Center Cafe is owned by my mother-in-law, Joanne Baron, and her friend, Lisa Roblin. They serve delicious food and I recommend to anyone who is in Weston, MA, to stop in and try any and every item on their menu! (If I were you though, I would start with the milkyway cookie!)

Below are some sketches of designs I have been working on.

All images are copyright Michelle B and should not be used or copied without written permission from Off Center Cafe and Michelle B. as well as linking back to Sweet Musings.

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