Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artist Inspiration: Deanna Agresti

I’m so excited to announce a brand new post for Sweet Musings: Artist Inspiration
Today we are featuring Deanna Agresti, a freelance designer and art teacher in Rhode Island. Her work is incredible and I’m so excited to talk with her today. 

Can you tell the Sweet Musings readers a little about yourself?
Hello! My name is Deanna Agresti. I went to RISD for graphic design
and art education. I am a freelance designer, but I also teach middle
school art and graphic design at the local community college.

Tell us about your art/design work. When did you start it? What are
you currently working on?
I started my own business called Hi Five Designs in 2009. I specialize
in custom event paper goods from announcements to invitations as well
as non-profit design for schools. I am currently working on 3
weddings. Some of the designs that I am working on are centered on
themes of winter, fairy tales and colors. Check out some of my work at

What are your current obsessions/inspirations?
Right now I am completely obsessed with hot air balloons and bows!!! I
just made a hall pass for my classroom that is a hot air balloon. My
students are really not going to like me! I am inspired by looking at
other people's creativity through their blogs and websites. I am also
very inspired by beautiful typefaces.

What is your favorite super hero and why?
My favorite super hero is the Powerpuff Girl Bubbles. She is just so cute!

What is it like living in Rhode Island?
Rhode Island is amazing because it is so tiny! I can get anywhere in
less than 15 minutes. I love it! The food is also delicious.

What are your hobbies when you aren’t working/being a designer?
I love to sew, bake cakes and shop! You can see some of my crafts on
my blog at

What is your favorite childhood memory in three words or less?
gave dad amnesia

Haha wish I asked for more than three words on the favorite childhood memory now!
It was great talking with Deanna today and if you found her as amazing as I do, check out her websites! And if you are in need of a designer of any kind and love her work, give her a call!
A special thanks to Deanna for being our very first artist inspiration!

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  1. Enjoy reading about Deanna, very nice work, good luck to her!