Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Muse

I have a new obsession Sweets! And before I tell you what it is, I know what you are going to think... "How far behind are you!?!" but in my defense... or just an excuse... I'm really bad / not up-to-date AT ALL with Social Networking and I know it's time to get with it... so with that preface, Pinterest is my new favorite site! It's filled with beautiful images, great ideas, and lots and lots of people sharing their inspirations! I love it....

Here are a few lovlies I found today, just to give you a little taste, and if you want to see even more, follow me!

Reminds me of Coco and Louie!

All Images can be found on Pinterest.com


  1. Love interest!!! And that chocolate cake/ pie looks amazing!!

  2. Haha I agree! It's a Mississippi Mud Pie. They have the recipe with the original post through Pinterest!