Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Picture A Day

I have a special A Picture A Day for you Sweets!

I've been working for a few months now with the lovely Janine, a jewelry designer in Rhode Island, and founder of Shh! Don't Tell My Husband. Janine contacted me about creating a card to hold her earrings that can be packaged like a gift and easily mailed so that it protects the earrings. We created two great illustrations for the cards, one holiday one general gift, that feature her daughter and have a playful fashionista quality to them. The cards have a fold down flap on the interior to hold the earrings and a space to write a message, and it is all wrapped up in a brightly colored pillow box and tied with a ribbon.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Janine. She sent me a gorgeous pair of earrings wrapped up in the packaging. I was so impressed. The packaging works out great, but the highlight was definitely the beautiful pale yellow earrings she sent me! Below is the entire package, card, and the beautiful earrings that I will most likely have on every day!

For more information on Janine and her work, check out her website at

And I just want to add a very special Thank You to Janine!!


Holiday Card Design

A Gift for You Card Design
Pillow box containing the card and earrings from Janine!
The printed version of the A Gift For You card
The earrings on the card!
The Earrings!!
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  1. How sweet was that! The earings are beautiful.
    Loved the packaging!