Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Picture A Day

Good Morning! My apologies for missing yesterday's post. It's been a very busy week with one proposal due each day (I just have to get through tomorrow at 3pm) and I just ran out of time. It's unfortunate but since weeks like this are so rare I'm hoping you will understand. With that in mind, and with the pace I have been moving at over the last few months, I realized I had never shown you the finished tote for Ginger, originally mentioned here, like I said I would. Take a look! I've gotten a few more totes since and I'll have some sketches, project updates, and more for you next week, but for now, enjoy Ginger and I hope you have a lovely Thursday!


All Images Copyright Michelle B. All Rights Reserved


  1. No worries, sweetie! We all have days and weeks like that. Especially this time of year between work and festivities. The tote looks fabulous! Great job :) xoxo