Monday, February 27, 2012

Currently Reading: The Heritic Queen

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So it's another case of "Recently Read" and not "Currently Read" I just loved this book and read it to quickly to post! And I know, another book by Michelle Moran!? But yes, I love her. I have literally loved every book I've read so far. She only has one more left, Nefertiti, and I'm sure I'll be reading that in the next few weeks. And I have to say it again, if you love history, The Heretic Queen is another incredible read.

The Heretic Queen was about a period in Egypt's history that I was not familiar with, and I really enjoyed reading about it. The book is told through the eyes of Nefertari. Nefertari was the niece of Nefertiti, the Heretic Queen. The rein of Nefertiti was considered a terrible time in Egypt's history, so terrible in fact that the people of Egypt will not utter her name and punish Nefertari for what her aunt did. Nefertari is ignored and treated lowly in the palace even though she is a Princess. But Ramesses, a childhood friend, and the Pharaoh falls in love and marries her and together they must prove to the people that they can make Egypt and keep Egypt great.

Loved this book. Has anyone else read it? Or read any other book by Michelle Moran?

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