Monday, February 13, 2012

I heart Exciting Announcements!

So it's been killing me to not share this exciting news with all of you. In case you didn't already know I have the patience of an ant! But I finally am able to... A few months ago I was approached by the wonderful company Invitation Consultants and asked if I wanted to be a Guest Designer for them. I could provide illustrations that they would then add to their produts and each piece that featured one of my illustrations would be co-branded with the Invitation Consultants and Sweet Musings Paperie logos.

It almost seemed to good to be true that this company wanted to have my illustrations on their site, but over the next few months agreements were signed, work was submitted, and now the first few invitations featuring my work are live on their site! More work will be added in the future but for now I have sent in bridal and baby shower designs.

Check out Invitation Consultants and if you are looking for baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday, any type of invitation, card, and/or gift it is definitely the place to look!

Here is one of the cards on their site featuring an illustration of mine that I first showed you here.

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  1. we're so happy to have you in our design community, michelle!
    - reilly