Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Picture A Day I Heart L.A. In the Bay

Happy Valentine's Day Sweets! Do you have any fun plans for today?

Today, for day two of I heart week I have a project reveal for you! Do you remember this illustration originally shown here? One of the blog header designs that I wasn't able to tell you anything about...

Well I can finally share!

I created this illustration for the super sweet and incredibly stylish Lauren for her blog L.A. In the Bay.

I absolutely love her blog, it's a daily read, and I was so flattered when she asked me to create an illustration for her header. Below is an image of what her blog looks like but also check it out and become as addicted as I did to L.A. In the Bay.


  1. i love the way it looks! lauren mentioned that you'd be doing a sketch for her and I knew it would be amazing. great job michelle!

  2. you are so incredibly sweet Michelle! You were an absolute joy to work with, and so accommodating to my every need!!!
    You're amazing.