Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Friday

I'm going away the end of next week to Vegas, the trip first mentioned here. I've never been there, I have no idea what it will be like, what the fashion will be like, or what we are doing most days/nights. I also am not a partier, I feel really uncomfortable in fitted clothing, and I'm a terrible packer. This all is leading me toward a suitcase (or two) that will be stuffed to the brim with multiple outfits, accessories, and shoes for every possible scenario... OR I can let my type "A" cannot be unprepared personality take over, and create outfits I like based on pieces I have and just enjoy it... I'm going to go with option 2...

I will most likely allow myself a few extra pieces, like a few shirts or accessories (just in case and for variety sake,) but I'm hoping that even with those additions I'll be able to use the "weekender" bag and not my over-the-weight-limit size of me bag... And so this is what I came up with.

Day outfits: 1 tee shirt, cardigan, leopard flats yellow pants , and necklaces . Day Outfit 2 blue tee, orange mini, necklace, Michele watch, gold flip-flops. Outfit Day 3 navy geometric pattern dress, drop earrings, La Mer watch, Gold and blue cuff, gold bangle. Outfit Day 4 jeans, stripped tee, navy blazer, Michele watch, leopard flats.

I know if I got rid of the orange skirt, the yellow pants, and the gold flip flops from my day clothing I'd save even more room, but I just can't limit myself to the jeans and leopard flats combination all four days... maybe next trip (although probably not)..I have to have fun with my clothing even though I'm away right!?

How do you pack? Are you good at it? Are you a carry-on bag no matter the trip kind of person or are you like me and pack a huge bag for two days!?

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