Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashion Friday

Still from Mad Men found on
Today I need to discuss hairstyles. I want to know how you pick out what you want your haircut to be, how you want to style it, and what look works for you.

When I'm having a good hair day I feel beautiful and hip and just myself all day and a bad hair day means a hat or a bun or just a blah kind of day...

I'm one of those people that whenever I need a "change" to mix up the norm, I cut my hair... And I love it for  a week and then the thoughts start to come "why did I do this!?", "I feel so ugly!", "I think I look so blah!", "Now I have to wait three years for it to grow back!"... and I know I do this EVERY time... BUT I'm thinking about it again! Chopping my hair... It's all because of an episode of Mad Men, I guess the one last Sunday but it might have been two Sundays ago... either way it doesn't matter, the point is Don Draper's wife has the most perfect mod bob and it's the perfect shade of brown so that I can picture it on my own head. And she looks so glamorous and perfectly put-together... I need that haircut... someone, please, talk some sense into me!

Another Cute Bob on also LOVE the green jacket!

Another perfect Mod Bob... also found on Pinterest

What do you think? Are you loving the mod vibe too? What hair styles are you craving this spring? Give me some other ideas so I don't cut mine:-)

and if you can't.... maybe Zoe will...

She's so pretty and cute.. also found on Pinterest (I'm addicted to the site, what can I say)
Happy Passover to my Jewish friends and family and Happy Easter to my Christian friends and Family, and A very happy weekend to everyone :-)


  1. I saw Mena Suvari on Chelsea Lately the other night and immediately wanted to make an appointment with my stylist...