Monday, May 21, 2012

Diary of a Freelancer: Part Six

The weeks are flying by and I have been working on my own for three months. (How has it been three months!? It feels like last week!)

On downtime between jobs, although luckily and thankfully there has been little, I'm slowly starting to get my office together! (the photo above used to look like the photos below!)

Much better now I think!! Much more zen, and promoting a productive work environment now then before!!I don't function well in clutter. I find it stressful and distracting... Does anyone else feel that way?

In addition, I also got to see and spend time with one of my favorite people this weekend. Deanna Agresti, one of the designers featured in my Artist Inspiration posts, here! We talked about our work. Freelancing. Where we want to grow and our goals for the next year. It was an inspiring conversation and I'm so excited for the work I plan to do this summer I can't wait to get started!! I also have three classes set up and a consultation meeting for helping my blog and business grow and things I can do to really reach a broader audience.

I can't wait to update you on my progress. And I'll be able to show you the finished studio/office/not messy space soon!!

Happy Monday Sweets!


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