Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Studio: Before and After

I finally was able to upload photos and show you my finished studio. It's a space that I love to be in day-in and day-out and just makes me smile and promotes creativity! It's not a huge space but it's perfect for me for right now. The walls are navy blue, my favorite color other then green, all of the furniture is white and I have a few pops of aqua to go with my marketing and brand.

Do you remember these photos, first show here:

Well this is what it looks like now:

I can't live without my iphone, datebook, or sketchbook... they are with me always!

The top of my desk! If only it was this clean all the time! Typically there is a mug 
of coffee and/or tea, a bottle of water, and miscellaneous paperwork everywhere. 

My printer/production area

See those adorable crayon drawings on the bulletin board, a special thank you to 
Bridget and Jenna for drawing those for me, they are always inspiring!! 

Hope you enjoyed the peak into my everyday life! 

Happy Tuesday, xoxo


  1. i love seeing others workspaces!! thanks for sharing with us!

    loving the wall color too!

  2. I love this!!! You did a wonderful job!!!

    I'm still working on my office blog...except now it looks like a bomb hit it!