Monday, August 20, 2012

Diary of a Freelancer

Top left original bathroom, top right tile, hard to tell from the photo but those diamonds are green and had to go, middle left the "skeleton", middle right the "carnage" or our old bathroom (whichever you prefer), bottom left the new walls and subfloor are ready for tile, bottom right the new shower tile going in.
Maybe it's because I work from home but lately I seem to be nit-picking every aspect of my house. All of the rooms I don't like. All of the chipped paint spots or weird colors or just not quite right decor... so now my poor husband has to deal with me telling him everything wrong in the house and the huge house renovation list I have created... but he did, so graciously, agree to update our bathroom (maybe it was just to get me to shut-up for awhile but either way it's happening)!!

When we moved into our house two years ago it was basically move-in ready. All the changes were cosmetic and mostly just involved painting the walls. That being said two of the rooms that really bothered me, and continue to bother me, but that we couldn't really fix right away were the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen. Since the kitchen will take a lot of time and money and, when we re-do it we may want to expand it, that has to be on-hold for a few years. BUT our bathroom, on the other hand, we can re-do the bathroom!

The existing bathroom had a cheap vanity and mirror, ugly tile floor, a disgusting glass door to the tub/shower... the list just keeps going... well after this weekend they were all removed!! My hubby literally demo'd the bathroom down to it's skeleton and is now rebuilding it. In the end we will have a much more modern vanity with double sinks, gorgeous glass shelving above it, long narrow modern glass and stone tile back splash, two new sleek mirrors, and a gorgeous grey slate looking floor. A major upgrade if I do say so myself. I can't wait!

And while my hubby spends the next few weeks upgrading our bathroom in addition to working crazy hours at his day job I'm continuing to work on websites, and logos, invitations, and prints... :-) And I may even join in the home renovating and paint the bedroom. Love being a freelancer... Love my hubby who deals with me even more!!

Have a wonderful Monday Sweets!

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  1. you sound just like me! our house was move in ready too, but there's a ton of work still to be done. and like you, the bathroom and kitchen are HIGH on my list! goodluck with the reno- can't wait to see how it all turns out!