Thursday, January 24, 2013

Currently Reading - Safe Haven

I used to read Nicholas Sparks books all the time. I was literally obsessed with them. But then, plot after plot of sad twist left me feeling like I needed something new, and a little more uplifting to read.
So it's been years since I read a book by him... until recently.

I'd downloaded a song We Both Know by Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw (both of whom I love) and so the cover of the song on my ipod says it's for a movie, Safe Haven, which is coming out soon and stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough (two more people I love.) And so that led me to watching the trailer for the movie which then led me to the book.... and I loved it.

Side note: the cover on the left is the original cover and so perfect for the storyline. The cover on the right is the movie adaptation cover. There is nothing more I hate then buying a book with the movie adaptation cover. It just gets me nuts. Most original covers are done so artistically and are perfect for the book and they trade that in for two actors to promote the movie. And since I have a marketing past and I understand wanting to sell as many copies as possible as well as make poeple want to see the movie - I get it - I just wish they would use a poster or something or just a few new covers with the actors on it and leave some with the original cover for traditionalist like me... ok... back to the book...

I think I read the entire book in two days. It's charming and suspenseful and has great characters and a story that is so serious and yet happy. The story follows Katie, a girl on-the-run from her past life quietly settling into a small town and trying to forget her past as well as blend into her current surroundings. She doesn't want to make friends, she doesn't want to get to close to anyone. Then there is Alex a widower with two small children who owns a small convenience store in town. He is still mourning his wife and has not met anyone or dated anyone since her. He also assumes that living in a town as small as theirs the likelihood of meeting someone is pretty small. Katie shops at the store often and gradually becomes closer to Alex and his children and slowly lets him in to learn about her past... and he hopes help her to move on from it and to fall in love again.  This is the basic plot but the past that Katie has to deal with and move on from is what makes the story so suspenseful and interesting. If you like Nicholas Sparks books like A Walk to Remember and the Notebook you'll love this story.

Has anyone else read Safe Haven?

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