Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Springtime Wish List

Outfit One Neutrals and Textures: Tory Burch Shirt and Wedges, Banana Republic Skirt and Scarf. Outfit Two Easy Sundress: with Piperlime Sundress, DSW Sandals and Kate Spade Sunglasses. Outfit Three My Spring Uniform: Victoria Secrets Pants and JCrew Sperrys. Outfit Four The Maxi: Maxi Dress from Victoria Secrets! 
I know, I know... it's still January... I hear you... I do... but I really just want it to be spring. I want to wear pastel colors, cute sun dresses, sandals, skirts, short sleeves... less layers....

This is the worst time of year, in my opinion. The winter holidays are over and there is really nothing to look forward to until Memorial Day which just seems so far away. And all of the stores are showing their spring lines already... I just want warm weather now. It's also one of the coldest days so far this winter and we had snow showers last night... plus my little trip to Florida last week that included six 80 degree days so that didn't help anything.

Are you thinking about Spring like me? Or are you loving the winter weather?

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