Monday, January 21, 2013

Diary of a Freelancer: A Week in the Life

So to start... this is no ordinary week... No, this is an awesome exciting and fun filled week that involved Disney as well as work!

My brother and Uncle were running the Disney Marathon and I had the opportunity to paint a mural while I was down there and who would say no to that!? I mean seriously!? So last Thursday I flew down to Florida got ready to paint a mural, go to Disney to watch the marathon and spend a few days at the most magical place on earth, and then finish the mural before I returned home a week later.

It was a great and exciting week. Disney was so much fun. Maybe I'm still a big kid at heart because I loved every minute of it. Just walking around and enjoying the sites. We spent Saturday through Monday spending time at Disney. We stayed at the All Star Movies Resort which was so cute. If you have kids this is certainly a great place to stay. So Saturday after we arrived we hung out by the pool then grabbed dinner and a glass of wine or two and then called it a night. We had to get up at 3am the next morning for the marathon that started at 5am. At 3am we woke up and watched the marathon begin .. and then four hours later we saw my brother and uncle cross the finish line. After the marathon we spent a few hours by the pool, grabbed lunch, and then went to the Magic Kingdom to walk around, go on some rides, and enjoy the park. The Monday was spent at Downtown Disney shopping and relaxing until we were ready to head back to my uncle's house.

Tuesday came faster then expected and I only had two and a half days to paint a three section sports mural. I was a little nervous about getting it done but I had to try. And after two and a half pretty long days I did successfully finish. Tuesday I started with the largest portion. The baseball one. and slowly but surely got it all done. I started with a black and white outline. Then blocked in the color. Then added the detail.

After that, Wednesday into Thursday afternoon, I worked on the Hockey portion and then the Football portion. I finished the mural Thursday around noon. My flight was at 5pm... perfect timing if I do say so myself :-)

What do you think?

Great week huh!? I'm a little sad it's over but I'm moving onto more projects and getting my year-end information ready.... wish me luck... 

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  1. yay for you!! sounds like you had a great weekend! xo