Friday, March 1, 2013

Designer Inspired

Outfit One: Kate Spade quarry jewel studs, bow belt, Tory Burch Alexa flat Sandal, Pyramid stud hobo, and Anthropologie Katrine Peplum Top. Outfit Two: Forever 21 Paisley lace top, lacquered knot stud set, bow belt, Zara chain sandals, and calf skin shopper.
Been on the lookout for a lace peplum shirt for spring... and I'm also in that winter funk so I just want it to be warmer. What do you think abou these two looks? How about the price difference?

I personally Love both looks and I purchased the tee on the right from forever 21 and love it, but I'm also still drooling over that Tori Burch Pyramid Stud Hobo on the left... so maybe I can mix and match?!

Have a wonderful weekend Sweets!


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  2. I love this or that comparisons. I of course would wear the cheaper everything except the lace top. I would stick with the light blue one for $88. I would probably be tempted by the $78 earrings as well. Depending on how they looked on my lobes.

    1. Haha love your response! I'm always torn, I love the more expensive stuff... especially when it comes to shoes and bags but I try to be mindful of not overspending.