Thursday, February 28, 2013

Diary of a Freelancer

Something I really haven't worked on since I left my full-time job last April is marketing. I touched on this idea a little here but it was more to show you one of my favorite illustrations from a marketing/portfolio book that I have been working on. At this point the illustration I showed you has actually been deleted from the book and turned into a post card, but the book is still in process and as each day goes by I like it more and more.

When I first started really thinking about putting together a marketing piece I was nervous. I wanted to create something unique that would really catch someone's eye. Marketing postcards and other things have a tendency to end up in the trash without even being opened so I needed something special. I started bouncing ideas off of a dear friend of mine, and had my brother write a great story for me about a girl who follows her dreams, and it is slowly being illustrated!

It started as a 16 page book, including the covers, and I was worried that this would be to long. That a busy business person would never take the time to read it even if they did love the illustrations. So I've cut the book down to 12 pages (including covers) and really tried to evaluate the merits of each illustration and how much it fit the book. That's probably been one of the hardest parts since it meant cutting some pages with illustrations that I really liked, but I had to keep thinking that the overall goal was to important not to really edit it right.

So right now, I'm only showing you three of the pages, a lot more to come soon... but I hope you enjoyed this peak.


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