Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Currently Reading: Game of Thrones

Do you watch HBO's Game of Thrones? Well I must tell you, I'm slightly obsessed. And this past season was so awesome I started reading the books. I couldn't wait until next year for more!

The first book of the series by George R. R. Martin is Game of Thrones. So far the show has been about the first three books so I'm determined to get past the show and find out what happens! The first book is close to 1000 pages and took me awhile to read. Part of it was I pretty much knew from watching the first season what was going to happen and the other part of it was it really is a long book. But I really liked it too. It explains so much more and I know that once I get past the television series and it will be even better.

Next up, book two, A Clash of Kings

Has anyone else read these books? Or is anyone else into the show?


  1. i have heard the book and the show are really good!

  2. I sometimes watch the show. The books are just way to long (sleepy reader syndrome) haha... however I always ask my friends who have read the show what and who is who because the show can't capture nearly half or a quarter of the things in what 60 mins.
    Isn't the author like really old too and he has to finish the last book as soon as he can?

    I will keep all the spoilers to myself though! :)