Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweet Musings Book Club

I just finished reading Paris Street Style by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset and I absolutely loved it. One of the most important pieces of style wisdom that I learned from this book was that you should always remain true to oneself and ones personal style, You should not be afraid of it or copy other's people's trends or style. And I love that!

The book discussed the elegance and natural born style of Parisian women, the confidence they have the the principals they follow. It doesn't matter what a piece of clothing or accessory costs but the quality of the workmanship and the overall look it portrays. It talks about the rules of fashion and the pieces, every woman should own, and then tells you if they don't fit your body type of your personal sense of style, just break them. It also talks about the hidden treasures you probably already have in your closet, how to find them, and that there is no need to purchase hundreds of trendy pieces every year... if you are doing that you are probably not being true to you anyway. I learned that it's better to save for a quality piece then purchase lots of trendy fakes that will most likely fall apart, or look cheap. It also tells you how to inspect each piece of clothing, bags, accessories you currently have or are planning to purchase for quality, how to search vintage stores for treasures, and how to take basic pieces to a new level. 

Have you read Paris Street Style? What did you think? Did you like it as much as me?!

I think now I need to go reevaluate my closet, purge the not fabulous items and start making great style out of what I already own and thinking twice and evaluating any new item prior to purchasing... ready. set. go!


  1. i have wanted to read that book!

    1. I thought it was awesome! I'd love to know your thoughts if/when you read it! Have a wonderful weekend Michelle!!