Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Designer Inspired

I'm declaring this week "Style week" on Sweet Musings! In honor of the awesome book, Paris Street Style. It was so inspiring I just need to celebrate style/fashion for an entire week. Style, being true to your personality, and quality over quantity!! I hope you are now as excited for this week as me! LOL

So to kick off this week, I'm featuring Zara. I haven't shopped at Zara much in the past, just an item or two here and there, but I'm absolutely loving the pieces they have available now. So much navy, and oxblood, and leather... it's seriously awesome, in my opinion! The pieces above include their; top with leather pockets, short crossover trench, leather city bag with metal detailing, and mini skirt with zips.

Do you shop at Zara often? What lines or designers are you loving for fall?

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