Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet Musings Book Club

It's been a long time since I literally could not put a book down and/or literally read the entire book in a day. And truth be told I definitely did not have the time to do that this week.... but like I said above, I literally could not put the book down. And all the late nights and hours of work to follow, making up for the time I spent reading, will be well worth it!

When I first started reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, I didn't think I'd like it. It's a book you know from page one, hell, you know from the synopsis, it is going to be sad. And normally I really don't like sad books. But the characters are so perfect, you need to keep reading, you need to get to know them, and you end up being happy for their happiness as long as it lasts.

The author is amazing. Writing this complicated and beautiful story. It is full of metaphors, and perfect language, intelligent, and even a little silly. And the characters! I felt like I know them, like they are my best friends. And I, a person who is pretty proud to say I rarely cry, and crying for a movie or a book almost never happens... well this book made me tear up!

It was incredible. Has anyone else read this? I'd love to know what you thought about it. Did you like it as much as me? Seriously let's talk more!!

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  1. i loved this book. i hated the ending though.